Kiss and Don’t Tell

Contemporary Sports Romance:

5 hockey studs, a wooden cottage in the timbers … and also little old me.

Appears like the beginning of a fantasy? It’s not. It’s my dilemma.

Everything began when I got turned around in the middle of the Canadian Rockies. A heavy electrical storm sent my automobile sliding into a ravine and for a girl whose survival abilities involve locating the nearest coffee shop, I was in a huge mess.

I had to leave my car looking for help, I came across a cabin in the center of nowhere. Saturated, agitated, as well as in frantic need of a warm shower. Knocking on the door for assistance only to be greeted by several lively, big, and also remarkably appealing guys.

Not just your average hunks.

Expert hockey players.

I struck every women’s fantasies and dreams, right? Incorrect.

Since as it ends up, among them is my ex-boyfriend’s half-brother. As well as when I end up collapsing in their extra bedroom for the night, things take an extremely unanticipated turn.

I’m unsure any kind of amount of survival skills can shield my heart from Vancouver Agitators celebrity goalkeeper, Pacey Lawes. But maybe as long as we kiss and also do not tell …

Sports Romance

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