Kiss King

Your chest overloads with butterflies while his strong hands press your arms over your head.
Breathing hard, you stare into the eyes of the brutally handsome Campus King as you recoil, floored from the most passionate kiss of your life.
And here we are, supposed to be just friends.

Have you felt a pull so strong to be with someone that it actually…terrified you?
For me, that person is Grant Taylor: Campus King. He’s tall, handsome, and intelligent to boot. A pre-ordained baseball god headed for the majors and a big paycheck.
Our plan to be ‘just friends’ is going perfectly fine until one fateful summer night, when the King kisses me on a balcony like I’m his Juliet.

I never thought I could melt just from a man’s lips on mine.
I never knew a mysterious man like Grant would be the one I fall for.
The more we try to stay just friends, the more he haunts my dreams.
The more he haunts my dreams, the more I want to give into temptation.
One night…I finally do.
And it’s everything.
But a romance as hot as ours never comes without complications.
When I arrived to college, I thought I knew who I wanted to be.
I thought I knew what love was.
Turns out, I knew nothing before I met Grant Taylor.
I never knew you could fall in love with your best friend.
Life will never be the same again.

Because I should have known better than to kiss the King.

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