Kiss of the Dragons (Bad Dragons Book 1)

Lee has one shot at redeeming himself and the five lost dragons who fell years ago. There’s only one person who can bring everyone together, and she happens to be an average human named Anna, who will do anything to help her comatose sister. As the blue dragon, Lee offers Anna the chance of a lifetime: change everything that’s hurting her by going into a strange world to help his friends.

As Anna explores the Blur, she realizes two things: 1. She shouldn’t trust bad dragons, and 2. She might have no choice. As everything in the misty fantasy world seems to want to harm her or claim her, she’ll need the strength of the dragons if she wants to escape. There’s just one problem: the dragons won’t cooperate with each other, let alone a human. And it only gets more heated as the dragons get closer to Anna, and begin to burn for more.

Black, silver, red, gold, purple and blue. Six fallen dragons have to find a way to reclaim their roles as protectors of mankind, and one human woman is the key. A reverse harem fantasy romance. Cliffhanger ending.

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