Magic Born

A magical necklace. A new identity. A fight to stay alive.
By day, I’m a poli-sci major. By night I’m Serafina, Dark Sorceress in the online game Wizards and Fae. Things are great, until a hot panther shifter named Alex shows up at my door. Turns out, my birth mother was a mage–and she’s just been murdered.

When Alex gives me her amber necklace, it latches onto my neck, attacking anyone who tries to remove it. The necklace is powerful, and the magical world wants it.

With my mother’s assassin on my trail, Alex and I are drawn deeper into the fabulously wealthy but dangerous world of the billionaire creator of Wizards and Fae. Apparently the game is more real than I ever knew.

Now, I’ve got to figure out how to navigate the magical realm, stop the assassin, and resist the supernatural attraction between myself and Alex. The stakes are real, and this is one game I can’t afford to lose.
If you like secret identities, hot shifters, eccentric billionaires, and badass heroines fighting magical assassins, download now!

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