Marked Brides: Six Alpha Shifter Romances

Versoth Bride by Maren Smith
Josie anticipated hardship when she agreed to work on Terra Arcus, but she didn’t expect to be stripped bare, put on the auction block, and sold to the highest bidder with her bottom still sore from a strapping to curb her defiance. Though she escapes the brutes who bought her, she soon ends up in the hands of three even more fearsome beasts who decide to claim her as their mate.

Mate of the Mamuut by Morganna Williams
When Shiloh arrives on Terra Arcus she quickly discovers that she has been deceived. She was not brought to this planet to study the native wildlife, but to be sold at auction. As the giant beast who bought her carries her off, she quickly discovers that he will not hesitate to spank her soundly for any disobedience before claiming her beautiful body long and hard and thoroughly.

Wildcat by Delta James
Upon awakening to find a rugged brute in her cabin claiming to be her mate, Salem expresses her lack of interest in accompanying him to his planet by means of a knife thrown at his head. Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t asking, and she will be coming with him to Terra Arcus whether she likes it or not. The only thing up to her is how sore her bottom will be when they arrive.

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