Nailing the Billionaire: Covington Billionaires

I would do anything to take him down.
The world thinks the billionaire is just another debonair CEO. I know better. I’ll trap him with his own lies and make him pay for what he did.
When I got close enough to enact my plan, my rational brain understood he was the devil in a suit, but my hormones missed the memo. Now, everything he does, everything he says, turns my reality upside down. I’m falling for him and nothing makes sense anymore.
I shouldn’t have gotten so close. Vengeance should have been simple, swift, and sweet. It isn’t going to be any of those things.

The first anonymous news story was bad, and the second was worse. Finding the mole in our midst had proved impossible.
When she pulled off a deal that had been out of my reach, she got my attention. She was the whole package, brains and irresistible beauty.
We got closer with every touch, with every kiss, with every night—until everything fell apart.

I had no reason to suspect her—until it was too late.

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