Daddy’s Dirty Nanny

Peter has a history with babysitters. They can’t resist his wealth and charm. But, as soon as he has seduced them, they need to find a new job; he is not after a long term relationship. This is true in so many aspects of his life.
A chance introduction brings him a new babysitter, but for the first time he finds his charm is not enough. Celine isn’t after his money, or even his body. Despite his initial surprise it works out well for him; a full time nanny allows him to act like he has no responsibilities.
The consequences are almost inevitable; Peter must suddenly face the fact that he wasn’t there for his only son. Celine was, she saved his life and opened Peter’s eyes.
Suddenly, his life is put into perspective, he sees Celine for what she really is; but the path to true love never runs smoothly…

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