Paws of Suspicion: A Salem Cozy Mystery (Salem Cozy Mystery Series Book 2)

Author Catherine Waltan

Margie is adaptable to her new life as a witch, if she says so herself. She has her familiar, Salem, looking out for her, she’s learning from Priscilla, and she’s even making friends.

With her new job as a cartoonist at the newspaper, and all of it with her blossoming relationship with the town’s exciting new police officer, things are going rather well for her. At least, she believed so until someā€¦ strange things started happening again. Again.

People are going missing. There’s a kidnapper in Salem, Colorado, and Margie is certain they might be a witch. She’ll figure out who’s behind it with the help of her coven, the police officer that makes her blush, and Salem, her talking cat.

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