Rescuing the Bride Set: Dodge Mail Order Brides

Dodge City Brides
Mail Order Brides 4 book Box Set
Historical Western Romance

Rescuing The Bride

Sweet, beautiful mail order bride Merla flees one horrible life in Wichita only to find herself in another horrible one in Dodge. Her husband-to-be is not the kind loving man his letters portrayed him to be. But Merla’s rescuer John “Mac” McElroy who is more handsome than handsome should be. When he doesn’t like to see a beautiful woman abused, he and his three brothers take her home to his mother. At McElroy’s Bend Merla finds more than safety and comfort, she finds blistering passion she never knew existed. And she also finds the man she traveled to Dodge to spend the rest of her life with.

Rough Trails

Jilted by her mail order fiancé, Maybelle Lewis is stranded at a Dodge City saloon counter in the company of handsome, alas, pestering drunk. When the marshal determines Maybelle’s would-be husband is a work of fiction, she dives into the bottle with the handsome drunkard and wakes up married after all. In the sober light of day Maybelle and Rafe McElroy brainstorm ways to unjam their fix but addictive heat and unbridled passion have a few ideas of their own.

Saved By The Cowboys

Living in with a rich family does not mean living the life of a rich person. Young sweet Gretchen Mollie is half-starved and overworked as the nanny to the Finaker family, one of the wealthiest in Wichita. Little did she know that help was on its way. Rafe and Donovan McElroy just happen to be in the right place at the right time, when Gretchen makes her escape.

Rafe travels from Dodge to Wichita looking for the long lost sister of someone they know. The person they’ve come looking for just might be Gretchen after all. As Rafe claims her for his own, it’s Donny she wants and who wants her.

Unbridled Cowboy

It is bad enough to have her first marriage end because her husband left her for her own brother, Faye Furlong is absolutely mortified to find that the letters she has been receiving from her intended as a mail order bride were faked. Can Dodge City offer her a new beginning or an even worse fate then she even knew would be possible.

Mature Audiences Only
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