Risky Play

I have my own little secret. Then I meet a handsome older man that makes sure secrets stay… golden.

Karina is a hot young college student on summer break. A hot young college student with a fetish, that is. It is her most guarded – treasured – secret…
Keeping this secret from the world, is a fulltime challenge.

When Karina accepts an invitation to the home of her dorm mate, Dawn, for the weekend, what should be an opportunity to relax is anything but.
Karina meets Brett, one of the many high rollers invited to Dawn’s home for a dinner party.
Despite their age difference, Brett and Karina hit it off. In fact, they hit it right away and though Brett has never explored Karina’s needs, he catches on very quickly.
He becomes Karina’s dream fantasy partner come to life.
In a series of blistering encounters of high risk and even greater passion, Brett and Karina share some very golden adventures.

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