Sacking the Quarterback

I may have finally met my match.

I’ve always approached men as a kind of sport.

In my circle of friends, fellow sport enthusiasts if you will, I’ve always been team leader.

Recently though, I’ve simply run out of challenges. I’ve conquered the hunkiest, most untouchable of players. Dare I say, I might have ruined a few of them as well. #goteam

But when I thought I was out of games to play, stories to tell, and ready to give up the sport entirely, I met him.

Kevin effing Dane.

With an entire city that’s in love with him, sponsorship deals that could buy islands, and a body that’s fine tuned for throwing footballs and *ahem* people, Kevin’s practically a god among men.

When we meet, it’s game on.

But despite the heat between us, I have to keep my thoughts to myself.

Kevin thinks I’m fun, but to me, and it freaks me out to say it, he feels like the one.

Is Kevin my perfect match or one last hoorah before throwing in the towel for good?

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