Scoring Chance: A Second Chance Hockey Romance

An NHL hotshot, a beautiful face from his past and a chance meeting at a bachelor party that could change both of their lives.

Derek Parker is an NHL left wing hotshot. He’s as smoking hot on the ice as he is off. Women who get close enough can’t deny the heat. Newly divorced, he has no interest in relationships.

Cora Locklyn is a face from the past. One Derek didn’t expect to see—half-naked doing a striptease—at his best friend’s bachelor party.

She’s a mystery to him. One he can’t keep off his mind.

He’s a distraction she doesn’t need. Making money and taking care of her sick mother are her only priorities.

When they come together, sparks fly that neither can ignore.

Can Derek win Cora’s heart and heal from the pain his ex-wife caused him, or will she block his advances and ruin both of their chances at happiness?

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