Scoring the Keeper’s Sister

PR rep Erica tries out the respected Mr. Match service to find the one … but what happens when “the one” turns out to be the one guy she absolutely can’t stand?

When my boyfriend, Andrew-the-hand-model, dumped me, my twin brother suggested I try San Diego’s hottest dating app, Mr. Match.

I figured I couldn’t do worse than a guy who wore gloves all the time. (And I do mean ALL the time.)

But when the site matched me with my biggest PR nightmare and nemesis, Fernando “the Fire” Fuerte, a guy who has more dates than a calendar, I knew Mr. Match was probably high. Fernando Fuerte was a total player. In every sense of the word. He’s star forward for the Sharks, the pro soccer team where I handled PR. Fuerte’s tabloid shenanigans turned my stomach and regularly challenged my ability to keep the Sharks organization looking respectable in the public eye.

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