Seeded: Tentacle Hero Chronicles: Box Set


Amanda is fed up with her love life and decides to take a break from it all.

A king in need of someone like her has been waiting. Will Amanda be able to give the king and his two bodyguards what they need….

Love makes one do crazy things and falling for a blue skinned alien with tentacles is no exception to the rule.

A race against extinction and a passion comes alive in something that Amanda never thought was possible.

Dissident: Tentacle Hero Chronicles

Raised on an island off the coast of Maine by her grandmother after a fatal car crash claimed her parent’s life, Dana Michaels hasn’t had an ordinary upbringing. Isolated, she had brief contact with the outside world until her grandmother dies, leaving her alone on the island.

One stormy day changes Dana’s life forever….

After her boat capsizes, Dana is sure she is going to die. The watery depths pull her under. The last thing she remembers is the blackness. She wakes up alone, on her island with the fleeting images of a man she’s seen before.

Dana’s grandmother told her stories of the merpeople, but Dana knows it’s more than just stories. She’s seen a mysterious man floating in the waves before and she believes he’s the one who saved her from drowning. She begs to see his face one last time so that she can thank him.

The legends are about to become real…

Far Too Deep: Tentacle Hero Chronicles

Mabel has a relatively quiet and simple life.

Every five years there is a family gathering in her home and the time is fast approaching.

But this year is different.

Strangers are visiting and there is a tension in her family she hasn’t felt before.

Three beings that she has never seen before. All watching her every move.

Suddenly, passion erupts, storms are looming, and secrets kept from her are putting her life in danger.

Will she find out who she really is before her world is torn apart?

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