Something Like Hate: Enemies to Lovers Romance


Know that say about what happens in paradise, stays in paradise? Yeah, no.
That other one about first impressions? C
Check this out: Tall. Broad shoulders. Fine butt. No manners.
Expensive aftershave I could swear I’ve sniffed somewhere before.
I should keep my mind on the sun, the sand and the tequila, and keep my hands to myself.
But it’s Cancun. And there’s sun and sand and tequila…and when Mr. Annoying turns on the charm, I can’t resist.
That crucial thing about never sleeping with your boss’s boss?
Yeah. Too late.
That promotion that I was a shoo-in for? History.
If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll make Miller regret he made me his competition.

But I can’t stop thinking that thing about keeping your enemies closer…

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