The Bucking Cowboy

A Billionaire Western Romance

When rising star journalist Lucinda Riley is signaled out for the undercover job of a lifetime she can’t refuse. Even if that job means going across the country to billionaire Tristan Ashford’s ranch to try and dig dirt for a juicy article of a lifetime. Posing as the ranch’s cook, Lucina has two weeks to make or break her career.
Tristan Ashford, ex cage fighter, loves to spend his days on his ranch working with horses. He isn’t ready for the new cook who sweeps in and interrupts everything about his life. Not only does she invade his kitchen, he can’t get her out of his mind.
Through a couple rough run ins and a fiery pitting of wills, Tristan and Lucinda find themselves growing closer than ever. An intense spark ignites into a smoldering fire. Lucinda never thought ending up in Tristan’s bed would be part of the job and she certainly never planned on him ending up in her heart. Will her newfound, fragile feelings be enough to protect Tristan or will she ultimately betray his trust and everything he holds dear for the sake of her career?

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