The Kissing Bet

One pair of sexy underwear guaranteed to make a man…ha…happy. ✓
One hunky cop with blue eyes that will make your panties you melt. ✓
One awesome seduction plan to make hunky cop beg me to be his (all night long). ✓
Everything going wrong because why wouldn’t it? ✓✓✓

Jefferson Evian has been my brother’s best friend since I’ve been a little kid. We’ve flirted on and off through-out the years, but he’s always been out of my reach because of my bossy overprotective brother, Nolan. Jefferson has just been nominated to represent the local police station at the Canyon Beach Annual Kissing Auction and I’m not happy that half the women in town want to bid on him. Not happy at all. So I’ve come up with an idea, helped slightly by my best friend, Jules and her wacky cousin Stella. And I’m hoping that our plan will help me win Jeff’s heart once and for all. I hadn’t counted on the fact that Jeff had a plan of his own that was going to turn all my plans upside down.

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