The Protective Cowboy: Mail Order Brides

Adam Richton is forty-years-old and finally ready to settle down. Eighteen-year-old, Isabel, is ready to become a wife and had been writing to Adam for nearly a year and one other man as well. Levi and Adam are both deputies in Deadwood, yet neither realized they had been writing to the same woman. Levi stopped writing to Isabel as he asked another to marry him. Neither Adam nor Levi’s wife are thrilled with the information. Shortly after Adam and Isabel wed, Isabel is kidnapped. Adam takes off to find her, alerting no one. Upon finding his wife, his anger rules him and he kills her abductor. After taking Isabel back home and making her his, the kidnapper’s brothers appear and challenge Adam to a duel. Isabel becomes frightened as they have found love for one another and she doesn’t want to lose him. Her actions are not taken well by Adam and their marriage hangs in the balance.

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