The Relentless Cowboy. The Brides Of Deadwood

A Mail Order Brides Historical Romance

Deadwood, South Dakota is the center point of a large gold rush in the Black Hills. A hot-bed of trouble and danger. Life held to be as precious as the gold and fortune that the town’s people seek. Levi is one of a handful of lawmen hired to try to keep the people from killing each other. After seeking a wife in the mail order bride catalogues, he found a young woman who fit what he’s looking for in a woman to live his life with. He and Nora hit it off right from the start and though life is hard in the rough town, they plan to stay in the area and raise a family. The murder of a friend has Levi seeking the killer and Nora fearing for his life. She comes to realize how dangerous his job is and how unstable a life with him will be. Will Levi and Nora be strong enough to make their relationship work when there is danger lurking at every turn….

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