The Sins of Desire: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

We’re taught that people are sinners or saints. Who says I can’t be both?

See, I’m a bad, bad girl. The kind who loves Satan. Falling in bed with the demon of seduction, befriending the demon of knowledge, being guarded by Beelzebub, and making deals with Lucifer? This is what I call a normal day.

Just one problem: good and evil aren’t at all what I expected.

So I’m going all in. These men are my legion and they hold nothing back, so why should I? Just because something’s “bad” doesn’t mean it can’t feel oh so good – and I’m not about to let Heaven ruin this “good” thing.

Maybe this new life of mine isn’t a fairy tale, but it does come with unicorns and dragons – which someone has to protect. That someone is going to be me. In the eternal battle between Heaven and Hell, it’s time to make a new side.

So I’m giving in to my sins.
I know exactly what I desire.
I just hope I’m not too late.