The Stopover

A Contemporary Romance from the Miles High Club Series:

An unforgettable night refuses to stay simply a memory in this hot and sizzling romance.

A first class trip from London to New York.

The service was impressive.

The handsome man next to me only added to the wonderful experience.

We had an instant chemistry that was undeniable.

Fate took over as well as the plane was based, as well as we had an unexpected stop for the evening.

We ended up getting extremely close that one hot and unforgettable evening.

That was a year ago. I have not seen or heard from him again – till today.

He is just as gorgeous as I remember, even more so.

However I’m not that care free woman any longer. My life has changed, I have responsibilities.

He just sent me a message.

He wishes to see me in his workplace for an exclusive meeting at 8:00 a.m.

I must be crazy, I know. But I need to know what he wants to meet about.


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