The Thief Box Set 1: Fertile Futas on Female

Four hot loaded futa on female stories will
leave you aching for more.

The Thief
Stealing from the beautiful and powerful can be hazardous.
The price can be loaded full of punishments.

Tish had only taken the modeling job because she needed the money and it
would be a great way to maybe find a sugar daddy.

However, when she arrives at the convention, she notices that there
are no men in attendance.

That’s when she notices that the women are wealthy enough to leave
diamond bracelets just laying around. She decides to take it.

She doesn’t realize just how deep she’s in until she is caught and punished!
In a blink of an eye Tish’s life is about to change!

The Game
Macy sneaks into a world that is dangerous and full of enormous surprises and fills her with loads of conquests.

Macy loved her job as a receptionist.
Her boss was developing a new game that would change the way of gaming throughout the industry.
His project was top secret and Macy decided to sneak a game in to see just how mind blowing it is.
The new sensations and experiences drive Macy to make a choice. A choice that will affect the rest of her life!

The Ghosts

Lori needs a hot story for the paper.
She takes a rough assignment that fills her full of ideas…

Lori is tired and just went through a bad breakup.
Her ex left her for not putting out.
She wanted to save herself for the right time.

She takes and assignment at an old haunted mansion.
A vivid dream forces her to drop her inhibitions.

Little did she know that the weekend was going to change her life forever.

Hard Rescue
Innocent and pure Julia thought she was doing the right thing by rescuing a female alien.
She quickly finds that she will be made a prisoner herself and will fill the needs of the alien and her slave.

Julia is betrothed to the head scientist that shows his true colors after capturing a secretive alien.

He and his men decide that they are going to do more than just research on the beautiful and voluptuous being.

Julia decides to save her only to become a prisoner herself.

The alien decides to give her a chance to live, but at what price?

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